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Man swinging a golf club on the green | Gray Institute
01September 2015
Category 3DMAPS

Sports Performance Training: Balance in Golf

Dr. David Tiberio

Sports Performance Training has grown exponentially over the past decade. This approach has resulted in an increase in athletic achievement and a reduction in injuries,...

man holding his knee joint | Gray Institute
12August 2015
Category Applied Functional Science

AFS Principle: Mobile-Stability for All Joints

Dr. David Tiberio

A very popular conceptual approach to the kinetic chain of global body movements is to consider the bone linkages as alternating joints possessing mobility and...

man in plank pose on mat | Gray Institute
05August 2015
Category Abdominals

The Negative Side of Plank Exercises

Dr. David Tiberio

Planking exercises are a very popular and challenging form of fitness training.  By positioning the body parallel to the ground, the force of gravity is perpendicular...