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applied functional science
14January 2020
Category Physical Therapy

How Applied Functional Science® Can Change Your PT Practice

Gray Institute

Do you ever find yourself, when you’re with a patient, going through exercises without fully understanding why? Or, do your clients hit plateaus in their progress...

functional golf system
08January 2020
Category Expert Advice

How Personal Trainers Can Help Prevent Golf Injuries More Effectively

Gray Institute

A golf swing looks deceivingly simple. However, there are more than 250 unique movements in the game, making golf training a challenge. To provide meaningful workouts...

14November 2019
Category Applied Functional Science

Evidence that Matters for Function: Orthoses Affect the Foot – Hip Chain Reaction®! – Vlog

Dr. David Tiberio

This article looked at the alterations in lower extremity motion during walking produced by a foot orthosis posted medially under both the rearfoot and the forefoot. The...