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06June 2016
Category Functional Training

Is it Rehab? Training? Injury Prevention? Yes

Dr. David Tiberio

At the Gray Institute, the Principles (Truths) of Human Movement are the foundation of the Principles – Strategies – Techniques (PST) process, and therefore the...

30May 2016
Category 3DMAPS

Training Success for / in Sub-Optimal Conditions

Dr. David Tiberio

As movement specialists, there is tremendous satisfaction when we are training someone and “it all comes together”. The movement is agile, the sequence is efficient,...

24May 2016
Category Applied Functional Science

Reliability in Functional Testing

Dr. Gary Gray

Once again, Dr. Gary Gray, founder of Gray Institute, joins Dr. David Tiberio (“our most favorite of all guests”), Dean of the GIFT program at Gray...