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25August 2016
Category Shoulder

Shoulder Function and the Thoracic Cage


Dr. Dave Tiberio discusses the importance of the Thoracic Cage as it pertains to Shoulder Function and the Chain Reaction® of how they are connected. Read the Blog For...

22August 2016
Category Podcast

AFS, Dance, and Kids; Preparing for New Activities

Dr. Gary Gray

In this podcast Dr. Gary Gray invites Angela Mohan, a personal trainer with Irish roots, to discuss some of the history of Irish Dance and how she has helped to...

18August 2016
Category Applied Functional Science

Shoulder Function Depends on the Thoracic Cage

Dr. David Tiberio

By: Dr. David Tiberio, Gray Institute For the past 15-20 years, the importance of the scapula for shoulder and upper extremity function has been almost universally...