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27June 2016
Category CAFS

“Simplexity” and CAFS: Certification in Applied Functional Science®

Gray Institute

Simplexity is a word coined by Dr. Ken Ravizza and means to appreciate the complexity of the body while striving to make treatment simple for clients or patients...

17June 2016
Category Applied Functional Science

Triadox of Prevention, Performance, & Rehabilitation

Dr. Gary Gray

Triadox of Prevention, Performance, Rehabilitation Listen to the controversial podcast about prevention, performance, and rehabilitation with Dr. Gary Gray from Gray...

16June 2016
Category 3DMAPS

Turning on Muscles With Movements

Dr. David Tiberio

In the fitness industry, “turning on” muscles is a common theme.  Increasing activation of the Gluts or Abdominals may be a goal of the client or the movement...