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A golf swing looks deceivingly simple. However, there are more than 250 unique movements in the game, making golf training a challenge. To provide meaningful workouts and training to your clients, you need a comprehensive understanding of how the body works from setup, to impact, to follow through.

Applied Functional Science® can help your clients develop their speed, power, and prevent injuries that keep them away from the game. That’s why Gray Institute® developed our Functional Golf System.

Discover Our Innovative, New Approach to Golf Training

The Functional Golf System teaches you to leverage more than 250 golf-related movements, helping your clients prevent and recover from injuries. For personal trainers working with golfers, this course will help you take your skills to the next level.

Applied Functional Science Can Prevent Golf Injuries

When Dr. Gary Gray created the field of Applied Functional Science, he changed the way that movement professionals view the body and their clients. We teach our students that the body moves in all three planes of motion, and that you can’t effectively address a client’s issues without considering how they move as an individual. Building an understanding of how the body moves and how to address individual needs is the key to developing better reactions in the body and on the green. It’s a principle we’ve stood behind for over 40 years, and we’re proud to still be at the forefront of it today.

Even if you’re not a golfer yourself, we can help you understand how Applied Functional Science relates to the sport. You’ll learn how chain reactions happen in the body every time we move, helping you identify weaknesses, address problems, and boost performance.

Armed with this knowledge, you and your clients can work together to strengthen their golf-related movements and prevent common injuries. They’ll also develop faster swing speeds and improve their distance off the club, angle of approach, balance, and more.

What You’ll Learn From the Gray Institute Functional Golf System

We designed this course for movement professionals who have clients who golf or who want to develop their golf specialty.

During the two-day live event or online course, you’ll learn:

  • How to develop a faster, replicable swing and swing positioning training
  • How to create an optimal golf warmup
  • Program design for players at all levels of the game
  • Endurance and recovery training
  • How to build workouts for golfers at any experience level

You’ll also gain exclusive access to instructional videos and an app that will help you effectively treat your golf clients.

“Two amazing days that changed the way I look at the golf swing and the body. Easy to understand and follow as a golf coach with limited experience of Gray Institute,” says seminar attendee Max Persson, a PGA professional. “You need to attend one of these seminars.”

This course is taught by Gray Institute’s Dean, David Tiberio, Ph.D., P.T., and Director of Golf, Jonathan Moore, FAFS. Their experience, expertise, and thought leadership make this course invaluable for movement science professionals looking to increase their skills and abilities in treating golfers.

In addition, this course is worth 16 continuing education (CEU) contact hours.

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Ready to Take Your Golf Training to the Next Level? Contact Gray Institute

At Gray Institute, we’re proud of our 40+ year history of equipping movement professionals with the tools, training, and education they need to help their patients and clients reach their goals. To learn more about how the principles of Applied Functional Science can help you take your golf clients’ game from good to great, please feel free to reach out for a free consultation to see if this course is right for you, or to enroll in a live event now.

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