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23May 2016
Category Chain Reaction

Functional Deficits after Menisectomy

Dr. David Tiberio

Functional Deficits after Menisectomy Over the last thirty years the advances in musculoskeletal imaging and surgical arthroscopy have increased the surgical options and...

Movement specialists fight patient dysfunction
16May 2016
Category Applied Functional Science

How Physical Therapists can Fight Burnout

Dr. David Tiberio

How Physical Therapists can Fight Burnout All movement professions have a certain level of practitioner burnout.  This includes the full spectrum of those that work in...

09May 2016
Category Functional Training

Use Foot Orthoses to Reduce Pain in Patients & Clients

Dr. David Tiberio

Strategies for Utilizing Foot Orthoses to Reduce Pain Research studies have provided evidence that using foot orthoses can substantially reduce musculoskeletal pain....