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01July 2020
Category Applied Functional Science

Craig and Tim’s Story: Physical Therapists Solve Complex Problems With AFS

Dr. Gary Gray

For individuals with acute orthopedic recovery needs, Biomechanix Physical Therapy is their go-to facility. That’s because co-owners Tim Dunne and Craig Gailbasini...

18June 2020
Category Testimonials

Emily’s Story: Embracing Intuition to Help Seniors Heal

Dr. Gary Gray

As Emily developed her movement science practice, she organically developed a niche. Many of her clients were between the ages of 55 and 80 and needed help...

golf training program
29May 2020
Category Blogs

Functional Golf System Delivers Immediate Results: Robert’s Story

Dr. Gary Gray

Robert is a Doctor of Physical Therapy who is passionate about individualized treatment and Applied Functional Science®. He co-founded Empower Golf Performance two...