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build effective workouts personal trainer
12June 2020
Category Vlog (Video Blog)

Ways Personal Trainers Can Plan More Effective Workouts

Dr. Gary Gray

When you’re designing workouts for your clients, it’s easy to fall into a rut and build the same, generic exercise plans over and over again. However, this may...

personal trainer education
22May 2020
Category Blogs

The Gray Institute® App: Flexible Learning During Uncertain Times

Dr. Gary Gray

Movement professionals around the world are adjusting to the coronavirus pandemic. We’re all balancing our work, family, and personal needs in a new and different way,...

functional golf system
08January 2020
Category Expert Advice

How Personal Trainers Can Help Prevent Golf Injuries More Effectively

Gray Institute

A golf swing looks deceivingly simple. However, it is a very complex movement. To provide meaningful workouts and training to your clients, you need a comprehensive...