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27April 2017
Category Applied Functional Science

Real vs. Relative Motion: Extremities – Shoulder

Dave Tiberio

“When the proximal bone moves faster than the distal bone in the same direction, the real motion and relative motion are opposite.” In this VLOG, Dr. David...

RR Hip
25April 2017
Category 3DMAPS

Real vs. Relative Motion: Extremity Joints – Hip

Dr. David Tiberio

If you were to rotate your right leg to the left, then your femur would go through REAL internal rotation and would also be internally rotated RELATIVE to the Pelvis....

13April 2017
Category 3DMAPS

Probable Suspects: Tennis Elbow – VLOG

Dr. David Tiberio

“When the finger flexor muscles contract to grab something, these muscles will also flex the wrist.  The wrist flexion is not desired and will actually weaken the...