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30August 2016
Category Applied Functional Science

Training For Success in Sub Optimal Conditions


In the real world, we don’t always have control over the environment we are in.  Dr. Dave Tiberio discusses the need for variability in our training and rehab and...

25August 2016
Category Shoulder

Shoulder Function and the Thoracic Cage


Dr. Dave Tiberio discusses the importance of the Thoracic Cage as it pertains to Shoulder Function and the Chain Reaction® of how they are connected. Read the Blog For...

21July 2016
Category 3DMAPS

Video: What has 3DMAPS Done for Your Clients?

Gray Institute

What has 3DMAPS Done for Your Clients? Get an inside look at how professionals use 3DMAPS to empower and grow their practices and businesses. Watch the 3...