What is Functional Soft Tissue Transformation?

Assess and address soft tissues from a functional perspective.  In our two-day intensive, practitioners will utilize a simple to follow systematic formula for assessing and addressing the soft tissue complex. In this class we will analyze motion with an emphasis on aberrant tension development followed by strategies to address findings.  This system is built to fit within other models.

Attendees will spend hands-on time adding to their assessment skills both globally (off table) and locally (on table).  This course is designed by practitioners for practitioners and is 95% hands-on-learn-by-doing therefore strengthening your practical day-to-day skill set.

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Benefits of fstt


Live demonstrations of treatment


Provide more effective treatment


Join like-minded individuals onsite


Receive a comprehensive course manual

Personal trainers, physical therapists, and coaches benefit from Functional Soft Tissue Transformation events by Gray Institute.

Who is FSTT for?

This course is designed by practitioners for practitioners! Designed to give you practical, objective results that you can use immediately. Professionals include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Physical Therapists
  • Physical Therapy
  • Assistants Personal Trainers,
  • Strength & Conditioning Coaches
  • Physicians
  • Chiropractors
  • Athletic Trainers
  • Osteopaths
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Coaches

FSTT Frequently Asked Questions


How is this different than other soft tissue courses?

Although we believe you should learn from everyone. Our course is founded on movement, functional-individual movement. Therefore, in evaluation/assessment your focus will be on how the patient/client moves not listed/labeled structures. This changes the application of techniques dramatically as it involves an immediate thought process as opposed to a memorized protocol. No protocols only processes that empower you to be a more proficient practitioner.

What should I wear to the course?

This course is 90% hands-on, which means you will be moving and being moved. Please bring or wear shorts for the lower extremity courses and sports bra for the spine and upper extremity courses.

What is the attendee instructor ratio?

All attendees will practice with instructors with EVERY procedure. The class size is small for this reason. We want to ensure you feel comfortable applying what you learned immediately. In fact we will stay late if needed.

Personal trainers, physical therapists, and coaches benefit from Functional Soft Tissue Transformation events by Gray Institute.

What Our Members are Saying

Portrait of David Tiberio

“ The soft tissue ... is the perfect complement to functional rehabilitation and training. It is consistent with the principles of Applied Functional Science, and working directly on the tissues facilitates the efficient movement patterns that we all seek ”

David Tiberio, Ph.D.

Independent Personal Trainer

“ The flow and creativity of the FSST approach to soft tissues are supported by the science of fascial release. The tools that I have acquired attending this course truly is priceless to any therapist ”

Henry Rivera

Portrait of Markell-Marler-Lyng

Gray Institute will change your life and help you be life changing to others!

Markell Marler

Movement Professional