Gray Institute for Functional Transformation

GIFT Mentorship Program

A fellow of Applied Functional Science® (FAFS) is one who successfully completes GIFT, a 40-week mentorship program delivered by Gray Institute, the "authentic source of Applied Functional Science®."

A FAFS demonstrates the confidence and competence in the principles-strategies-techniques process of Applied Functional Science®. A FAFS is also one that gains certification in Functional Manual Reaction® (FMR). This means that the FAFS has the knowledge, analytical ability, and hands-on manual skills necessary for the understanding, application, and integration of the core content of the GIFT Curriculum.

GIFT establishes credibility in the movement industry, as well as equips fellows with ongoing education that allows each and every one to become a much more efficient and effective practitioner, especially in the areas of assessment, training and conditioning, rehabilitation, and injury prevention.

GIFT 2016 is both “at capacity” and underway! Please note that any application submitted at this point in time is for GIFT 2017, which will be the 11th year of the program. Dates below are for GIFT 2016 and will be updated shortly with GIFT 2017 information.

  • March 30 - April 2
  • July 13 - 16
  • October 18/19 - 22

Highlights of GIFT

  • 40-Week Mentorship in Applied Functional Science
  • Online Content = 160+ Hours
  • Onsite Content = 90+ Hours
  • Credentialed as a Fellow of Applied Functional Science® (FAFS)
  • Certified in Functional Manual Reaction® (FMR)
  • Provides Marketing Niche within Industry
  • 2016 Marks 10th Year of Program ("At Capacity" Each Year)
  • GIFT Community = 720+ Professionals Worldwide (20+ Countries)
  • Network of Like-Minded and Driven Professionals
  • Enhanced Professional Career (Higher Proficiency, Competence, Confidence, and Credibility)
  • Ongoing Yearly Access to Online Content
  • Highlighted and Marketed by Gray Institute via Gray Institute Network

For more information:

GIFT Fast Facts (PDF)
GIFT Brochure (PDF)

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