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FMR: The Cervical Spine


Doesn’t everyone hate to sit in the front row of a movie theatre? In situations such as these it is abundantly clear how important the cervical spine is to your health, comfort, and continued function. It doesn’t take long for your neck to get stiff and for that stiffness to spread to the rest of your body. In this issue of the Functional Video Digest Series, Gary Gray and Dr. David Tiberio explore the integrated importance of the cervical spine and the strategy for evaluation and Functional Movement Reaction of the spinal Chain Reaction®. Gary describes and displays the use of tools such as the Ab Dolly™, for evaluating, rehabilitating, and training the cervical spine. Join us as we learn how to functionally transform our understanding of function into a powerful and effective technique to simply enjoy life - including watching a good movie up close!

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