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In this discussion around the desk of Fast Function, the keys to building effective and efficient motions are examined. Gary, Dave, and Bob explain the strategies for assessing and evaluating individual ability in order to discover and enhance personal effectiveness and efficiency. Within this issue of Fast Function, the common activity of lifting is utilized as the primary example to break-down personal effectiveness and efficiency through a triangle of recruitment, reaction, and refinement. Explained within the issue are specific strategies to create the ability to train the mind to work subconsciously to recruit the necessary resources to be more effective and efficient. Also, it gives details as to what techniques can be employed in order to enhance reaction, through different directions, heights, and distances. Finally, strategies and techniques to implement refinement in order to create more fluid movements and motions are elaborated upon and simplified. The current issue is a perfect fit for any trainer, therapist, or professional seeking the functional tools necessary to create techniques that can be utilized by patients/clients to be more effective and efficient.

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