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In only sixty minutes, this issue of Fast Function digs deep into the core of rehabilitation, performance training, and injury prevention. Flexibility and mobility in terms of this current issue explains two underappreciated keys to flexibility and mobility, the utilization of a three-dimensional approach and the importance of proprioceptors. The issue begins by discussing the five functional strategies of flexibility and mobility, such as identifying Transformational Zones (where change of direction occurs), which is essential in defining, treating, and training functional flexibility and mobility. Springing from the functional strategies is a systematic conversation of the eight Layers for Success that will help any professional who is striving for enhanced flexibility and mobility for his/her patient/client. Integrated throughout the entire issue of Fast Function are in-depth, anatomical examples using walking, golfing, and throwing to highlight the approaches, strategies, and tools useful to all professionals to take functional flexibility and mobility to a deeper, more functional level.

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