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At the Fast Function desk, Gary, Dave, and Bob join one another to discuss the complex topic of stability and balance from a functional standpoint. This issue describes the powerful balance strategies emanating from principles of Function that focus on positions, drivers, and personal influences. Through easy to understand examples, the issue illustrates the enhancement of stability and balance through the utilization of techniques founded in Matrices (logical, three-dimensional exercises). This current issue provides strategies and techniques that incorporate motion within stability, stability within motion, and much more, that are beneficial to all levels or ages. Provided within this issue are very in-depth examples of “Tweakology” techniques within the scope of functional evaluation, rehabilitation, and training through a three-dimensional prospective that are useful for any trainer, therapist, or professional. The impact of the functional strategies and techniques for stability and balance that are revealed in this issue are beneficial for any professional seeking to enhance the lives of clients/patients.

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