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True Stretch


Flexibility transcends all sports, occupations and human activities. Flexibility is crucial to longevity and quality of life. The TrueStretch allows the human body to achieve improved flexibility and range of motion by keeping the body in natural upright positions that enable truly functional stretching. When compared to yoga, the TrueStretch enables users to obtain similar results faster and easier. The TrueStretch utilizes the concept of True Function: functional 4-point contact (2-hands and 2-feet) in natural weight-bearing upright positions to facilitate the correct stretching of the human body. The TrueStretch is ideal for restoring and maintaining muscle and joint flexibility in order to play, work and feel better. The TrueStretch has the unique ability to safely stretch the body in all three planes of movement: the sagittal (forward and back), frontal (side-to-side) and the transverse (rotational). The TrueStretch is an essential component of any exercise, rehabilitation or workplace injury reduction program.

Flat rate $350 for shipping in the continental United States.  Please contact us for orders out side the continental United States

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