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The Transverse Plane Transformer

Over 90% of all Americans suffer at one time or another from lower back pain. The lumbar spine is the cause of so many problems for people. But, for physical therapist Gary Gray, he is not the kind of guy who wants to take life sitting down, and he certainly doesn’t want his patients, or athletes, or clients to have to do so either. In this edition of the Functional Video Digest Series, Gary takes a close look at the biomechanics of the lumbar spine. He deals with a patient who has some sub-acute pain in their lower back, and he will discuss his analysis and rehabilitation with fellow professionals. Within his discussions, Gary will incorporate information regarding Three-Dimensional Spinal Coupling and will demonstrate Functional Movement Reaction on the TrueStretch™. Gary will even go into depth about some innovative training methods and creative applications of functional therapy…applications like cutting wood.

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