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Get in on the most innovative balance board product in twenty years. The AirBAPS™ is the brainchild of Gary Gray, PT, recognized by many as the father of functional rehabilitation. The AirBAPS™ Board, at 20 inches across, offers the same unique shape as its predecessor, allowing even greater control, flexibility and ease-of-use for your protocols. The real beauty of the AirBAPS is on the top with its fixed inflatable bladder which provides wide control for varying levels of predictable unpredictability (controlled instability). AirBAPS is marked with vectors, providing an index of the users relationship to the pivot point and shape of the board. Changes in the user relationship to the board effects, directs and isolates the force vectors about the ankle, knee, hip or back. Fully assembled, the AirBAPS Board comes supported by an instructional manual featuring protocols by Gary Gray. Introducing AirBAPS. Limitless combinations for proprioceptive, stability and strengthening protocols.

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