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38-Pack FVDS



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Vol. 1.1              The Knee: From Bottom to Top/From Top to Bottom/From Inside Out/From Outside In                                
Vol. 1.2              The Trunk: The Core, The Belly, The Crossroads of our Body 
Vol. 1.3               The Mostability Shoulder-Every Which Way But Loose 
Vol. 1.5               The Hip: 3D Power  
Vol. 1.6               Balance: The Time of Transformation   
Vol. 1.7                Lumbar Spine: The Transverse Plane Transformer  
Vol. 1.8                Thoracic Spine – The 3-D Cage 
Vol. 1.9                Cervical Spine – Both Ends of the Chain  
Vol. 1.10              Walking – Simple Complexity    
Vol. 1.11              Throwing – The Chain Reaction Whip     
Vol. 1.12              Lifting – 3D Loading  
Vol. 2.1                Prevention of ACL-Threshold Training 
Vol. 2.2                Abdominals - Power Potential        
Vol. 2.3                The Elbow – Hinge Reaction
Vol. 2.4                Jumping – Unleashing the Load
Vol. 2.5                Patella Femoral – The Train & The Trunk            
Vol. 2.6                Scapula – The PeltrunkULA
Vol. 2.7                Running – More Than Just Faster Walking
Vol. 2.9                Calf  - The Achilles Hip
Vol. 2.10              Ankle Sprain – Chain Reaction Rehab
Vol. 2.11              Functional Flexibility - Enhancing Life
Vol. 2.12             The Groin – The Front Butt

Vol. 3.1               Functional Manual Reaction (FMR) - The Hips
Vol. 3.3               The Pelvic Floor – The Functional Approach
Vol. 3.4               Functional Manual Reaction (FMR) – The Foot and the Ankle
Vol. 3.5               Hamstrings – Eccentrically Powerful
Vol. 3.7               Functional Manual Reaction (FMR) - The Knee
Vol. 3.8               Proprioceptors - The Spirit of Functional Design System
Vol. 3.9               Tweakology - Influence Tweaks
Vol. 3.10            Functional Manual Reaction (FMR) - The Thoracic Spine

Vol. 4.4             Retro: Backing into Function
Vol. 4.5             The Matrix System: Functioning in 3D           
Vol. 4.6             Homeworkable: The Power of Encouragement
Vol. 4.7             Functional Manual Reaction (FMR) - The Lumbar Spine
Vol. 4.8             Integrated Isolation: Zeroing In On Function
Vol. 4.10           Transformation: The Zone of Function
Vol. 4.11           Sitting: Butt Chain Reaction
Vol. 4.12           Functional Nomenclature: Learning, Speaking and Applying Function

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