Gray Institute - Testimonials


I wanted to take a minute after the completion of the CAFS curriculum to thank you all personally. I am such a stickler for having things organized and putting things together professionally. Every aspect of the CAFS on-line course was incredible. It was organized on every level, from the outline to the very last video.  I wanted to applaud you all for investing the man-hours into developing a well-thought-out system for Applied Functional Science®. I have always thought of myself as a movement professional, but now this certification validates that with a formal curriculum and certification. The information explained in the course work will be something that I will continue to develop and share with everyone I encounter. I will gladly recommend this certification to my fellow collegiate strength and conditioning coaches that I encounter. Thank you once again for putting in the work on the front end to construct such an impressive on-line program. Your attention to detail was very evident and didn't go unnoticed. Keep up the great work that you all do!"

Bryan Lewis, M.S., CAFS, CSCS, TPI I,II, USAW
Assistant Director of Sports Performance, University of Houston Athletics

The GIFT Experience has provided the contacts, the elevated level of professional competence, and the confidence I needed to pursue work outside the traditional clinical setting ... And though this work is tremendously rewarding in and of itself, it doesn't hurt that these outside pursuits pay, on average, three times the hourly rate earned by a seasoned outpatient physical therapist."


In a sense, I believe the program takes the pressure and stressors off of traditional certifications  (memorizing terms / anatomy / protocols) for individuals and places more understanding on how to apply movement to enhance lives."

Jay Morgan FAFS

GIFT was not a good investment. It is a GREAT one! I use the tense 'is' because it will be an investment that will keep producing returns as long as I continue to develop my understanding of the material presented, as well as engaging the faculty and staff who are always available to encourage three-dimensional growth – physically, mentally, and spiritually."


CAFS has not only established the "truths" of human movement in a very logical and efficient way, it has seamlessly integrated those truths with a system that gives the movement practitioner a way to simplify the complexity. Even the practitioner that is competent in Applied Functional Science ® will acquire a structure to organize their knowledge base to better serve their clients and athletes. If a person is new to Applied Functional Science ®, CAFS establishes a "framework" that not only allows them to organize their AFS education, but gives them the opportunity to be effective at improving the function of the individuals they work with immediately."

Logan Schwartz, MEd., CSCS, FAFS
Assistant Basketball Strength Coach, The University of Texas at Austin

As a result of knowledge and practical application of the information provided at the GIFT Program, I have client referrals from other health professionals, clients, community leaders, coaches, and friends. I have not had to advertise at all."

There is a huge amount of information that organizes the evaluative process in a very systematic way. AFS is incredibly complex and without a system, people miss out on the pearls that take their skill set to new levels. I see this program as a huge asset to people who own practices and training facilities."

Dave Gottfeld FAFS
Position, Company Name

I recently finished my CAFS program. I have been a PT for 39 years. I had a patient recently with 2 - 4mm disc bulges, recent hip scope (4 weeks), and history of severely sprained ankle many years ago. I worked on his ankle that was never really worked and found decrease lumbosacral and hip pain. I probably never really would have looked at his ankle if not for CAFS. This program has made a huge difference in the way I look at my patients."

Joel Scherr

I love the CAFS course!!! It is easy to understand but makes you really think about the application. I appreciate that it was made to be hands-on and interactive as opposed to just lecture. I feel like I am learning things that I already knew but in a very different way. So many certifications give you a book and ask you to read it and take a test. CAFS encourages you to look, listen and do, much like the way we train our clients. I feel like a new door has opened for me and my clients are reaping the benefits. Thank you!"

Billie White
Equinox Trainer

If the improved understanding of Applied Functional Science ® and how the human body moves in upright function was the only benefit of completion of the GIFT Program, then it was more than worth the price of admission ... The amazing thing is that improved understanding pales when compared to everything else the GIFT Experience is able to provide."


Since beginning the program, 100% of the individuals that I have worked with have benefited from my experience through GIFT. I have not had any other learning opportunity that has been so universally applicable."


I just finished the CAFS program and it is terrific! Lenny Parracino and Pat McCloskey did an awesome job of systematically communicating very practical information."

Keith Williams FAFS



How do I measure my benefit from GIFT Participation? I would have to say it is immeasurable. My knowledge of Chain Reaction® Biomechanics and Functional Muscle Function has grown immensely; however, that is a fraction of what I have received. The friendships, business contacts, inspiring stories, and unending support and care from all involved with GIFT who unselfishly give cannot be measured."


The course is awesome … really well delivered with clear information and demonstration!"

Sarah J. Pitts
Movement Therapist



I can truly say that my clients, friends, family, and colleagues have all noticed a significant and positive difference in me personally, and I have experienced the benefit financially simply by applying the information presented at the GIFT Course. It was truly a life-changing experience."


I really would recommend it to everyone from Fellows of Applied Functional Science ® to those new to AFS. As a certification in comparison to ACSM, NSCA, or any other national certification with same price tag, there is absolutely no comparison. Lastly, the online learning platform and testing is really convenient and easy to use. Great job to all involved in production – I absolutely love it!!!"

David Kekacs FAFS



I feel that I have learned more in the first year of my GIFT Journey than I ever learned in my Bachelor or Master's degrees. I am personally thrilled that I can continue to study with the Gray Institute after graduation, as I have only touched the surface in terms of functional knowledge."