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Inspired from the acclaimed 3D Movement Analysis & Performance System, get a better understanding of this complete system by viewing the movements of 3DMAPS and much, much more.

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3D Matrix
A collection of logical and progressive 3D movement patterns in all planes of motion. 3D Matrix videos deliver suggestions and tweaks to create dynamic and effective exercises.

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AFS Strategies
The history and application of Applied Functional Science®. From the origin of AFS, to the sciences behind the process, to the application of technique.

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Professionals from all backgrounds in the movement industry share their knowledge, skills, and experience with AFS and its application to various real world situations.

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Learn the true 3D function of the various joints and muscles of the body as well as their connections and contributions to the body as a whole.

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Inspired from the acclaimed Certification in Applied Functional Science®, learn endless movement variations and tweaks using the 10 Observational Essentials.

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Functional Muscle Function
Learn the important concepts of three-dimensional muscle function to better assess and train individual muscles within the scope of an integrated, synergistic, total body system.

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Functional Video Digest Series
Monthly rotating topics from this 48 part DVD series will provide access to full length videos in easy to digest segments.

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AFS nomenclature is the most efficient and effective way to communicate movement to professionals from all disciplines and backgrounds.

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In this series from Gray Institute® on proprioception, the particular properties of the individual mechanoreceptors (nerve endings) have provided insight into their specific contributions. The combined neuro-perceptual information creates proprioception that includes limb segment, whole-body position, and the changes created by movement.

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Science Behind AFS - Research
Published studies and established scientific truths are utilized to further explain the Principle-Strategy-Technique process of AFS as it is applied to specific cases.

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True Stretch
The easiest and most effective tool to stretch and mobilize the body in all three planes of motion.

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Truths Worth Doing
Listen in as our Fellows from all backgrounds present on topics and causes they are passionate about from their own lives and practices.

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