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Hamstring Strains - Part 1

How is it that an elite athlete at a world event can get injured from such a simple movement? While running down field, US player Jozy Altidore attempts to head a ball on the fly by pitching forward during gait. If you missed the play you can see a brief clip of the injury here. This is a great, albeit unfortunate, example of a chain reaction event in which a bottom up driver and top down driver combined in a freak occurrence to cause an injury. In this month’s newsletter Pat McCloskey will breakdown the mechanics of what caused the hamstring pull in this case and then share some strategies on how this could have been prevented with proper 3D stretching. In Part 2 Pat will expand on these strategies to share some corrective techniques and training options using the 10 Observational Essentials.

Duration: 6 minutes, 21 seconds
Categories: Practical Pearls
Presenter/s: Pat McCloskey
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Tags: Knee , Hip

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