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Kyphosis - Part 1

Throughout our lives we are constantly battling against gravity. It is simultaneously our greatest friend and worst enemy when it comes to moment. Without gravity, we cannot load and explode to create locomotion. But as we battle to stay upright and continue to move through our lives, gravity will gradually chip away at our many foundations if we aren’t using our entire sphere of movement. One such “disease” of gravity of is Kyphosis. Many times when we look at kyphotic clients we tend to treat and assess the Thoracic region and strengthen the abdominals. Furthermore, we tend to focus on treatments in the sagittal plan since that is the plane that kyphosis occurs in. What Doug will present to you Part 1 of our August Newsletter are some principles and strategies of dealing with kyphosis that includes addressing all three planes of motion but also the importance of addressing other rocks or foundations, such as the hips, to bring more friends to the party and help bring stability and motion to the region. Be sure to catch Part 2 later this month as Doug shares some specific techniques to use with your clients and patients.

Duration: 4 minutes, 45 seconds
Categories: Practical Pearls
Presenter/s: Doug Gray
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Tags: Thoracic Spine

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