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Tennis Elbow - Part 1

Part 1: Tennis Elbow Tennis Elbow is a common injury resulting from the overuse or straining of the arm, forearm and hand muscles and can be associated with a variety of activities other than tennis. Traditionally when assessing and trying to correct Tennis Elbow we’ve been taught to focus on the biomechanics of the arm and once again focus in on the areas immediately affected by the symptom. What we often fail to consider are limitations or dysfunction elsewhere in the body that are forcing compensation in the biomechanics of the activity that is leading to the symptom of Tennis Elbow. The video clip above is only a portion of Part 1 of our October Newsletter. For the full video please click here and listen in as Gary takes us through the Applied Functional Science approach to rehabbing Tennis Elbow as well as some preventative techniques to consider.

Duration: 6 minutes, 00 seconds
Categories: Practical Pearls
Presenter/s: Dr. Gary Gray
Member Access: Fan
Tags: Elbow

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