Gray Institute - Video Library - Functional Manual Reaction® Case Study: Thoracic Spine - Scoliosis
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Functional Manual Reaction® Case Study: Thoracic Spine - Scoliosis

This is a "Practical Pearl" that was captured during one of our live GIFT Gatherings (mentorship program in Applied Functional Science®).


These are hypothetical scenarios in which the GIFT Fellows breakout into labs to discuss and work on Functional Manual Reaction® (FMR), hands-on processes and skills. 

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Ed Paget & Anita Krier

FMR Focus:   Thoracic Spine FMR

Individual:   14 year old female, involved in dance, soccer and playing piano

Pertinent History:  Was identified as having a Left C-curve scoliosis during her annual physical

Complaint(s):   She has been asymptomatic

3D MAPS Priorities:   Right SS Lateral Chain Right SS Rotational Chain 

            Left OS Lateral Chain Left OS Rotational Chain 

TZ Analysis:  XXX L hand R rotational reach at shoulder with R hand L lateral at OH reach

Duration: 8 minutes, 8 seconds
Categories: Practical Pearls
Presenter/s: Not defined
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Tags: Thoracic Spine

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