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Functional Manual Reaction® Case Study: Hip - Left Front Butt

This is a "Practical Pearl" that was captured during one of our live GIFT Gatherings (mentorship program in Applied Functional Science®).


These are hypothetical scenarios in which the GIFT Fellows breakout into labs to discuss and work on Functional Manual Reaction® (FMR), hands-on processes and skills. 

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Markell Lyng & Jose Samora, Jr,

FMR Focus:   Hip FMR

Individual:   17 year old female volleyball player 

Pertinent History:  None reported

Complaint(s):   Diffuse low back pain with sharp pains upon spiking volleyball and periodic low back pain associated with serving (right handed server and right handed hitter).

3D MAPS Priorities   Right Ant. Chain

           Right SS Rotational Chain

           Right SS Lateral Chain 

TZ Analysis:  Right single leg balance with left foot posterior at knee (on chair) with right hand right posterior at overhead reach. 

Duration: 6 minutes, 53 seconds
Categories: Practical Pearls
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