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What is the Remote Trainer?
  • The GI Remote Trainer contains thousands of videos of exercises and movements.
  • Our experts developed these videos to enable professionals to quickly and effectively design exercise and therapy programs to meet the requirements of their clients.
  • The library contains over 6,000 videos with corresponding images and this number will continue to increase.
  • Each exercise is filmed in our state-of-the-art studio and is accompanied with the proper nomenclature and a concise description that is easily understood by the end user.
What are the benefits of the Remote Trainer?
  • Receive our free web and iPhone apps to build your practice
  • Track your clients' workouts and progress
  • Create and monitor goals and calendars
  • Create custom exercises and workouts
  • Build an online practice
  • Purchase pre-made workouts and programs (Coming Soon)
  • Upload your own workouts for purchase by clients and trainers (Coming Soon)
Why do professionals subscribe to the Remote Trainer?

Remote Access:

Professionals tell us that their monthly subscription to the Remote Trainer enables them to provide a wider range of exercises to their clients and patients anywhere anytime. Because the exercises are on video and available via the web and mobile devices, subscribers have real-time access wherever they are. Subscribers can also download the videos, and even send them to clients or patients in a custom-designed combination of exercises.

It's easy to use:

Our library can be easily browsed and filtered or searched by keyword. Each exercise is intuitively and consistently labeled using the appropriate Functional Nomenclature, so there is NO guesswork involved when you are looking for specific movements.

Expand your knowledge base:

Professionals are thrilled that the Remote Trainer is continuously evolving and expanding as new videos are added.

Become an industry leader:

Perhaps the greatest benefit of the Remote Trainer is that it will allow you to professionally grow and become increasingly empowered within your industry. Many professionals use this web-based tool to expand their business by reaching an unlimited number of clients/patients with new revenue models and retention methods.

Free Mobile App:

Subscribe to the GI Remote Trainer and you’ll have immediate access to thousands of exercise videos in a free private labeled app. Your clients and patients will be thrilled with your expanded knowledge and their improved workouts. Help them better achieve their goals by enhancing your resources with the GI Remote Trainer.