Meet the Gary Gray Team at Gray Institute

About Us

Gray Institute® is the world’s foremost authority of Applied Functional Science®. This information and education is delivered in a variety of formats, including the institute’s video library, exercise library, live events, certifications, mentorship program, online modules, DVDs, and other functional products and equipment. Gray Institute® exists to influence the lives of others through movement. Whether you are a movement practitioner or consumer, you will be able to take your knowledge to the next level with Gray Institute!

What is Applied Functional Science®?

Applied Functional Science® (AFS) is the common thread to all that Gray Institute® delivers. AFS is based on scientific truth – not theory – that strategically links to the most effective and efficient techniques for the individual. AFS influences and enhances the entire Movement Industry – performance / training and conditioning, prevention, and rehabilitation.

AFS is the convergence of sciences that allows for purposeful movement. The convergence of Physical Sciences (the world we life in), Biological Sciences (the miracle of the human body), and Behavioral Sciences (the power of the mind and spirit) is the DNA of AFS. For the Physical Sciences, the truths of Environment, Gravity, Ground Reaction Force, Mass, and Momentum are considered and leveraged. For the Biological Sciences, the truths of Motion, Reaction, Proprioceptors, Muscles, Joints, Task, Specificity, and Mobility / Stability are considered and leveraged. For the Behavioral Sciences, the truths of Success, Encouragement, Locus of Control, Empowerment, Relevance, and Significance are considered and leveraged.

The above truths are the foundation and the starting point to AFS’s Principle-Strategy-Technique Process. Principles are the why of movement. Strategies are the how of movement. Techniques are the what of movement. AFS is the answer to these questions so that the best, most effective and efficient movements can be applied to any and all individuals based on specific needs, wants, and goals.

Our History

Gray Institute® is internationally acclaimed for its innovation, development, mastery, and delivery of Applied Functional Science®. While many others and other organizations teach “function,” Gray Institute® is both the authentic source and foremost authority.

Gray Institute® originated with Gary Gray, referred to as the “father of function.” Gary’s ability to understand Human Biomechanics and look at the body as a Chain Reaction® launched a second-to-none institute known as Gray Institute®.

Gray Institute® has influenced the lives of thousands, both directly and indirectly. The institute’s video library, exercise library, live events, certifications, mentorship program, online modules, DVDs, and other functional products and equipment have revolutionized the Movement Industry. Gray Institute® has prided itself in constantly learning more, applying more, and upping its standard of delivering information to the masses. The institute exists to equip both individuals and professionals with information to ultimately enhance the lives of others.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Gary Gray PT, FAFS

Chief Executive Officer

Gary received his initial education as a physical therapist in the mid-1970s. He immediately pursued additional training as an athletic trainer, personal trainer, and as a strength and conditioning coach. Realizing the common thread of creating transformational environments to enhance the lives of others being the science of movement, he developed the discipline of Applied Functional Science®. With his ongoing passion and mission of learning and sharing more, and with the goal of educating, empowering, and encouraging others through an appreciation of the wonderfully and fearfully made human body, Dr. Gray established the Gray Institute. Gary has been married to his 7th grade sweetheart (Cindi) since 1976 and has been blessed with two sons and daughter-in-loves (Brad and Shallon, Doug and Valerie) and six grandchildren (Denyon, Aryah, Calyx, Zion, Xyler, and Lawson).

Doug Gray, FAFS, FMR, NG360° GPS, CAFS

Director of GIFT

Doug has a unique history within the Movement Industry, as he is the youngest son of Gary Gray. His experiences and expertise have allowed him to enjoy multiple roles at Gray Institute®, including being the Director of GIFT. Doug has spearheaded the institute's development and delivery of Applied Functional Science® Nomenclature. His world lights up when there is mention of his wife, Valerie (married July '11), his son, Zion Wynn (born October ’13), and his daughter, Lawson Louise (born May ’16). A kid at heart, Doug also plays and serves as the Director of Free2Play Academy, Inc.

Dr. David Tiberio, Ph.D., PT, FAFS, FMR, NG360-GPS

Dean of GIFT

David serves as dean of the GIFT Mentorship program and is professor emeritus at The University of Connecticut. David’s experience as a clinician and educator provides a foundation that allows the integration of the principles and strategies of Applied Functional Science® with the biomechanics of human movement. He has published numerous articles in scholarly journals and taught educational courses with Gary Gray since 1984. In 2007, David received the Kendall Award from the American Physical Therapy Association for “outstanding and enduring contributions to the practice of physical therapy”.

Keith Bozyk, MS, ATC, FAFS, FMR, CAFS

Chief Operating Officer

Keith is an accomplished certified athletic trainer, Lecturer, and Coach with a vast understanding and application base of Applied Functional Science®. Keith has worn many hats during his 20 years with Gary Gray and the Gray Institute. Six of those years Keith spent as the director of sports medicine for Gary Gray physical therapy clinics. He currently resides in Adrian, Michigan with his beautiful wife (Tiffany), his daughter (Kayla) and son (Cameron). Keith has a strong passion for kids and coaches many local teams in addition to having a seat on multiple boards.

Randy Faust

Chief Financial Officer

Randy is one of the original founders of the Gray Institute. He and his wife Teri (married May 1980) have four children – Trevor, Scott, Meghan and Betsy. Randy is involved in many aspects of the day-to-day operations of the Gray Institute and also enjoys handling the transportation for GIFT gatherings each year. Randy’s schedule is ever changing now because he and Teri jump at any and every chance to spend time with their three grandchildren.

Cynthia Gray

GIFT Faculty

Cynthia is an educator, volunteer, and a motivational speaker. Cynthia’s passion and expertise is in Sign Language, the ultimate and universal movement-based language.  The State of Michigan recognized Cynthia as a symbol for compassion and caring women, and in enlightening and uplifting young people.  Cynthia was a volunteer and mentor for 20 years at the Adrian Training School in Adrian, Michigan. Cynthia has been married to her 7th grade sweetheart (Gary) since 1976 and has been blessed with two sons and daughter-in-loves (Brad and Shallon, Doug and Valerie) and six grandchildren (Denyon, Aryah, Calyx, Zion, Xyler, and Lawson).

Barb Bishop

Executive Assistant / Office Manager

Barb has been working for Gray Institute for almost 20 years as executive assistant, bookkeeper, and accounts manager. Barb loves interior design, running, and being outside. Barb and her husband Pete have two sons and one daughter. Barb also has a brother who they lovingly care for in their home.

Jason Ely

Director of Media

Jason has a passion for all visual media.  This passion drove him to complete degrees in both computer science and film.  He was won independent film awards and graduated top of class in film school.  This skillset allows him to excel in the high demand, fast changing and complex print, web and video media of the Gray Institute.  His passion for visual media is second only to that for his wife, Kathy, and his three children, Drake, Lillyanna, and Coraline.

Brian Court

Assistant Director of Media

Brian has a huge passion for film and a keen eye for detail in all aspects of cinematography. As a vital part of Gray Institute since 2013, he has served in numerous projects and has been influential in setting a high-standard of production quality and excellence. Brian is blessed to have married his best friend, Cami, in 2003. Together, they have been further blessed with three amazing and beautiful daughters (Jazmine, Alivia, and Zoe).