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gift fellowship
19February 2020
Category Certification

Stacey’s Story: A Fitness Coach Becomes an Industry Leader With Help From Gray Institute

Gray Institute

Already an accomplished Chicago-area fitness coach, Stacey needed a boost to take her career to the next level. She worked with clients of all ages and abilities at an...

functional training
17February 2020
Category Applied Functional Science

Fundamental Movement Skills for Personal Trainers

Gray Institute

Fundamental movement skills are the building blocks of all our physical activities. Most people develop these skills as children, preparing them for a lifetime of...

11February 2020
Category Physical Therapy

3 Things Every Physical Therapist Should Know About a Lunge Matrix

Gray Institute

Whether you’re a runner or a walker, a warmup is essential to your performance. While many runners spend 10 to 15 minutes stretching and then jog a warm-up mile...