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A successful quality engineer, Tim always loved martial arts. In 1987, he started his own business, Empower Training Systems, where he taught classes part-time. Thanks to his hard work and dedication, Tim’s passion for martial arts and his business grew. Eventually, he decided to retire from engineering and focus his attention on martial arts and fitness.

Tim also knew he had to learn more and hone his skills as a movement professional. He actively sought out industry-leading training and education, and his achievements are impressive:

  • Seventh-degree black belt in Kajukenbo and Kajukenpo karate
  • Bachelor of Science in Sports Management — Fitness and Wellness
  • NASM Pursuit of Excellence Scholarship recipient
  • Master of Science degree in Exercise Science (with a 4.0 GPA!)

In his pursuit of continuing education, Tim discovered Gray Institute®.  He signed up for our Certification in Applied Functional Science® (CAFS), a program he now describes as a “must-do” for every movement professional.

Tim Focuses on Education as Much as Physical Training

martial arts training

“I don’t just train people. I try to educate them so they can be more self-sufficient in leading a higher quality of life,” notes Tim. His mantra is “One body, one life, one choice,” and he does his best to fight misinformation about fitness and wellness. “I want all of my students to understand how to safely and effectively integrate physical activity into their lives,” he says.

“My goal is to empower people,” Tim says of his teaching approach. “I want to educate everyone I interact with, be they clients, participants, trainers, or instructors on the ‘what, how, when, where, who and WHY’ of fitness and wellness.”

His education with Gray Institute is instrumental in this goal, especially the “how” and “why.” Tim says that CAFS gave him the tools to develop custom assessment, treatment, and training programs tailor-made for each of his students. Because he trains students of all ages, abilities, and genders, he needs these skills to help them reach their goals. Thanks to CAFS, he now understands how the body moves and what to do when it’s not functioning correctly.

Gray Institute’s Course Exceed Tim’s Expectations and Helps Him Prepare for the Future

“I was so impressed with the course content and structure, along with how the information and skills were presented,” Tim says of his time at Gray Institute. “Every person involved in the teaching or demonstration aspects of the course were phenomenal!”

While Tim found himself focusing too much on management in the past, he’s using the COVID-19 shutdown as an opportunity to reframe his work. “My true passion is training people and mentoring trainers and instructors,” he notes. He’s now returned to full-time training.

Tim is optimistic about his business’ reopening and considers his CAFS certification to be an investment in the future. “By completing CAFS, I added a great deal to my skill sets, toolbox, and knowledge base,” he comments. “I am better prepared to address misinformation when educating and empowering my students and other trainers.”

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Set Yourself Up for Future Success With Gray Institute

At Gray Institute, our courses focus on the biomechanics of the human body, so you’re never memorizing random exercises or counting reps. Instead, we explain the truths of human movement, empowering you, the expert, with the information you need to train your clients and patients to the highest standard possible. Whether you’re a black belt like Tim, a professional Irish dance coach like Angel, or a golf coach like Robert, your Gray Institute education will equip you to be the leading movement professional in your field.

Ready to get started? Learn which course is right for you by filling out our simple online form.

We look forward to hearing from you!

martial arts training

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