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Changing the Game for Movement Science Professionals

“Gray Institute® changes your perspective to the unlimited possibilities of human body. Once you start there is no turning back, Applied Functional Science® allows you to keep mastering your skill as a movement professional.”

- Vesna Pericevic Jacob

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We pioneered the field of Applied Functional Science®. Now, we’re excited to offer exclusive updates on movement science best practices and other resources to our Gray Institute community of professionals. Our app offers practical tools that can improve both your practice and your clients’ or patients’ performance.

Invest in Your Career and Community With the Gray Institute App

You want to deliver the highest level of care to your clients, and we created our app with your precise needs in mind. It gives you easy access to community, education, and resources that build upon your existing skills.

You can choose out monthly or annual subscription for $99/month or $699/year, and gain access to some of the most sought-after resources in the movement science world.

Remote Consultations

When you’re struggling to effectively treat a particularly challenging injury, issue, or symptom, the Gray Institute app is an invaluable tool. Our in-app consultation system lets you provide a brief patient history and a video of their movements, and send them directly to Gray Institute leadership for an individual assessment. Based on our review, we’ll provide you with recommendations that you can implement.

Community Forum

Gray Institute is made up of a community of passionate, driven movement science professionals. Subscribers can tap into this network of professionals, share their learnings, explore treatment options, and collaborate online.

Case Studies

Our leadership will share monthly case studies with subscribers. These detailed videos provide powerful insight into how we help real patients improve their performance and recover from injuries.

About Gray Institute

When you work with the Gray Institute, you can trust that you’re partnering with industry-defining leaders committed to understanding the body, treating people as they are, and ripping up the textbooks (when necessary) to provide the highest level of care. We’re committed to excellence in everything we do.

For over 40 years, Gary Gray and his team have worked with rehabilitation practitioners in virtually every U.S. major league and taught over 150,000 professionals how to deliver the highest level of care using Applied Functional Science.

Need to Up Your Game? Download the Gray Institute App

At Gray Institute, we’re proud to equip movement science professionals with the skills and education they need to provide exceptional care. We’re excited to have you join our online community.