Not Sure Which Physical Therapy CEU Course Is Right for You? Ask Yourself These 4 Questions

Continuing education units (CEUs) are an opportunity for physical therapists to develop their expertise and keep learning. However, it can be difficult to decide which CEU courses are actually going to make an impact on your practice, and which ones are going to waste your time and money.

At Gray Institute®, we believe in the power of continuing education. When you take a meaningful, high-quality continuing education course, it can dramatically improve your patients’ outcomes and boost your career. In this blog, we’ll outline four questions to ask yourself when you’re choosing which CEU course to invest in so you can find your best fit.

Four Questions to Ask Yourself Before Picking a CEU Course

Not sure where to start when choosing a physical therapy CEU course? Ask yourself the following essential questions.

1. What Are Your State’s Requirements?

How frustrating would it be to choose a class, enroll, pay, and complete the course to then find out the CEUs don’t “count” in your state? We always recommend conducting thorough research about which courses are CEU eligible where you live; if you’re uncertain, contact the organization to make sure. Even better, schedule a free consultation with Gray Institute, we’ll walk you through our course offerings’ CEU eligibility!

2. What Skills Do You Need to Develop?

Whether you’ve been working as a physical therapist for two years or 20, there’s always room to keep developing your skills. When you’re considering physical therapy CEU courses, think about challenges you face at work. For example, do you struggle with assessments? Do you ever wonder why you assign certain exercises or activities? Do you see results with some patients and not others and can’t explain why? Or, do you want to grow in specific practice areas, like golf or women’s health? Understanding where you need more education, especially around foundational items, will help you choose a course that can help you meet those needs.

3. Is the Institution Both Trustworthy and an Industry Leader?

Always do your research before you commit to an institution. Read reviews, even if they’re about other courses, and get to know the company’s philosophy and approach. If they have client success stories, pay attention to the clients that take the time to endorse their services and why. If your goals and values align with theirs, it’s a sign you can trust the institution.

4. Are Online Physical Therapy CEU Courses Available?

Online courses are a great way to earn CEUs at your own pace. And as the world recovers from coronavirus lockdown, alternative learning methods like online classes will be essential. Plus, when you’re busy running your business or meeting with patients, a flexible course allows you to invest in your education on your own time.

Earn Physical Therapy CEUs With Gray Institute

At Gray Institute, we offer industry-leading courses based on the truths of Applied Functional Science®. Most of our courses are CEU-eligible and can help you improve your understanding of the human body and how to treat it. Physical therapists, in particular, can benefit from the following programs:

  • Gray Institute for Functional Transformation (GIFT): A 40-week, immersive educational experience that develops your knowledge, analytical ability, and offers hands-on manual skills to assess and treat your patients’ biomechanical Chain Reactions. Upon completion, you’ll be recognized as a Fellow of Applied Functional Science who’s able to provide your patients with the highest level of patient care.
  • Certification in Applied Functional Science (CAFS): Available both online and as an in-person course, CAFS teaches you how to implement Applied Functional Science in your practice, improving your evaluations and treatment programs. Like all of our courses, it emphasizes a holistic approach and values process over protocol.
  • Three-Dimensional Movement Analysis and Performance System (3DMAPS®): You’ll improve your assessments and movement screens when you consider how the body moves in all three planes of motion. 3DMAPS also show you how human movement consists of complex Chain Reactions, and how you can improve your patients’ function. This course offers both live and self-paced, online options.
  • Chain Reaction®: Learn directly from Dr. Gary Gray, the Father of Function, in this two-day live course. Together with Doug Gray, Gary will explain how the body moves in three planes of motion, and how this integrated system can create functional Chain Reactions.
  • Functional Golf System: Enhance your physical therapy practice with golf-focused offerings. This online or live course will show you how to leverage more than 250 golf-specific motions, boosting your patients’ performance and speeding up their recoveries. Golf experience is not necessary for this program.
  • Female Chain Reaction: Our newest online course, you’ll learn how the Pelvic Neuromuscular System affects women’s health, quality of life, and biomechanical Chain Reactions. Learn how you can change your patients’ lives and improve their function by addressing pelvic health.

When you choose Gray Institute, not only will you earn the physical therapy CEUs you need, you’ll also expand your understanding of the truths of human movement, going beyond what you’ll find in most textbooks. And you’ll also connect with an incredible family of like-minded movement professionals that’s unlike any other.

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Ready to Take Your Career to the Next Level? Choose Gray Institute

We’re proud of our long history of industry-leading education for movement professionals. When you’re ready to take your education to the next level, it’s time to consider enrolling in a Gray Institute course or becoming a GIFT Fellow.

If you have questions about our courses, want to know more about how Applied Functional Science can change your practice or more details about our career-changing fellowship opportunity, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.